Lamp Pole
  • OEM Q235 4M 5M 6M 8M 10M lamp pole
    Specification Sheet Model YC-LP548 Material Q235 steel Surface treatment Galvanization & Painted Coating hot-dip,80um Top diameter range 60-90mm Bottom diameter range 132-210mm Wall thickness range 2.5mm to 5.0mm Height 5m-12m Pole's shape Conical/Round conical/Octagonal conical /Straight square /Tubular stepped /Polygonal Lifespan 25years Product Description Product Detail Drawing 1. High quality…
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Light Poles: More Than Just Holding a Light. Light Poles are an integral part of our lives, lighting our streets, parking lots, and walkways. But they rust, become brittle, get broken, blown over and then forgotten about.

Light poles provide lighting for streets, parks, playgrounds, pedestrian paths, and children. The light pole is something most people take as a given and that maintenance personnel rarely check. This is the first in a series focusing on light poles.

You might think that a lightpole is just a lightpole. But, it's not. There are many styles of light poles. Concrete, steel and aluminum as well as fiberglass, carbon fibre, carbon fiber, and plastic are all possible. They can be square, rectangular, tapered or octagonal. You can extrude, cast, poured or wrap them. These poles are made of concrete, steel cable and steel tie wire. The cables are then stretched to the length of the pole. The cable is then wrapped with a tie wire and concrete is poured into it. To increase strength, the cables are stretched and then tightened.

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