• YICHUANG Lighting: Offering Quality Led Flood Lamps At Lowest Prices

    LED flood lamp is a kind of wide-angle light, which is mainly used to provide large area lighting. These lamps are powered by efficient LED technology and have a variety of shapes and uses.   The powerful LED flood lamps provide a safe level of lighting and are ideal for outdoor applications. Such as…
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    All in one solar street light based nursery and streetlamp for public square, court, yard, garden, park, road, street, pathway, parking area, private street, walkway, grounds, runway, ranch and farm, army installation and so forth. The integrated solar street lamp is an intelligent outdoor lighting system that coordinates the best energy saving…
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  • The new electric street lampRbuik’s Cube.

    In 2020, Yichuang Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. independently developed a new electric street lamp, called Rubik's Cube,which has become the patent product of our company. Rubik's Cube: The design is simple and fashionable,intergrating with the modern urban environment; The intergrated design achieves strong structure,light weight,easy installation,disassembly and replacement;Green environmental protection…
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  • What’s the reason resulting in solar street lights off?

    Solar energy is an important energy source around us. Through solar energy, we invented solar water heaters and solar street lights. After installation, if you find that the solar street light does not turn on, you need to find out what the reason is, and then solve it according to…
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  • New product will coming soon

    Outdoor LED street light is more and more popular, we designed a new product AC power LED street lightThe design is simple and fashionable, integrating with the modern urban environment. The integrated design achieves strong structure, lightweight, easy installation, disassembly and replacement Green environment protection light source, low temperature…
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