What’s the reason resulting in solar street lights off?

Solar energy is an important energy source around us. Through solar energy, we invented solar water heaters and solar street lights. After installation, if you find that the solar street light does not turn on, you need to find out what the reason is, and then solve it according to the reason.


What's the reason resulting in solar street lights off?

1. The main reason why solar street lights can shine is that there is a battery, and there are three types of batteries, one is a lead-acid battery, and its service life is only about two years. The service life of gel batteries is relatively long, about three years. Nowadays, many solar street lights use lithium batteries, and the longest service life can reach about 6 години. If you choose a lead-acid battery, it may be damaged after two years, making the lighting time of the street light shorter. An unlit fault occurred.

2. It is also possible that the controller of the solar street light is damaged. After wind, rain, lightning or other reasons, the controller cannot operate normally.

3. It is also possible that the light source of the lamp holder is damaged. If it is not artificially damaged, it may be that the battery is damaged or other natural reasons have caused the solar street lamp to fail to operate normally, and there is a problem of not lighting or flickering.

4. The last reason is the aging of the line. This phenomenon is also common. The aging of the line is disconnected and the solar street lamp cannot work normally.

The above is to bring you some of the problems and solutions for daily solar street lights not turning on, I hope it can help you. Of course, it is more important to choose a supplier with guaranteed quality and service. Yichuang Lighting focuses on the design, производство, sales, and service of solar street lights. Welcome everyone to consult and communicate!