August 2021

  • Weekly news Dear Customers

    Weekly news Dear Customers Perhaps you have noticed that the Chinese government's recent “dual control of energy consumption” policy has had a certain impact on the production capacity of some manufacturing companies. But please rest assured that our company has not encountered the problem of limited production capacity.…
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  • Unique solar lights for streets at an affordable cost

    Solar street light factory, Solar Street lights, Stand-alone solar street light Yichuang Lighting Transforms into a pillar for the lighting project businesses. We offer proficient exterior LED lighting systems that include LED street lamps, solar street lamps, Sunlight-based nursery light, AC power garden light, ضوء الفيضانات LED, Solar street light…
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  • The Benefits Of Enlightening The Streets With Quality Solar Street-Lights

    all in one solar street light, Solar street light manufacturer The technology of using solar-powered lights is not new. This energy is sustainable type. Solar lights are eco friendly. They do not overheat the environment. You can search for quality street lights manufactured by Jiangsu Yichuang Lighting Technology Co. Ltd.…
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  • Advantages of Using Different Kinds of LED Lights

    Solar LED street light, Led street light, Street light LED avenue lights are fresh new options to traditional street lamps together with LPS, HPS, or MH road lights. LED Avenue lights provide a multitude of benefits over conventional. Incandescent site visitors lighting fixtures. LED street lamps, LED road lighting are…
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  • Weekly news Deliver delay Notice

    Weekly news Deliver delay Notice We have been ready for delivering all products to our clients since August 2021 , Howevermany vessels were delayed because of COVID-19On the other hand, most of the clients didn’t reduce the enthusiasm of purchasing, It leads to shipping space…
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  • Solar street light Feedback from Africa clients

    Solar power street light is very popular in world market ,, especially in Africa marketAt the same time, ,Africa is a very good market for solar power because of good sunshine. Yichang company has more than 10years of outdoor LED street light experienceAnd get many clients in word…
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  • YICHUANG Offer Exclusive Collection of LED Lights

    Solar street lamp, LED street lamp YICHUANG established in 2009 and placed in Changzhou metropolis, مقاطعة جيانغسو, الصين. We become one of the leading and expert producers of out of doors LED solar road lighting in Jiangsu province. We have its personal manufacturing facility, expert manufacturing equipment, trying out gadget,...
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  • YICHUANG Offer Exclusive Range of LED Lights

    Stand-alone solar street light, الكل في واحد ضوء الشارع الشمسي, YICHUANG will offer a free, stay seminar to assist human beings research greater approximately LED lights for his or her workplace, facility, inn, and so on. To conserve strength, save money and feature better lighting. We assist people see for…
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